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Booming Business with Ease Course


Dear Business Owner,


Do you have amazing gifts and value to offer, but your business doesn’t reflect it with client cash flow in?


Are you sick of prospecting the wrong clients?


Are you tired of putting money back into your business faster than you earn it?


Are you fed up with running out of hours in a day?


If so, I have great news this could be the most important message you read for your business.


The best, most time-saving, cost-effective way to 10X your value is through these four areas. These tips provide the shortest distance between you and your revenue goals. These big corporate tips work for companies big and small; and even solopreneurs. But very few small businesses use these techniques that will allow you to serve a lot more people, a lot faster. How do I know this?


Because I have clients that have doubled and tripled their revenues and client rosters, when they added these specific strategies I have shared with them.


I have been there, I have tried it all, and I have tested everything.

I now know what works and have shown business owners like you how to get on the fast track to multiplying their revenue, their client list, and their influence.


There are countless experts out there, 

Why should you listen to me?

Laurie Zerga

For over twenty years, I have helped corporations grow departments and create new systems, and then I grew a small company to national presence.  Now I coach business owners like you to grow their businesses, using the same techniques that I used to grow my company to serve the US Air Force, Boys and Girls Club of America and even a non-profit serving California Department of Education. Plus with my super tips, they quickly increased their revenue, identified the clients attracted to them, while uncovering ease and support all around them.

I have a ton of experience and a great track record when it comes to all areas to grow a business including strategy, technology, processes, finance, sales and marketing.

This is great for you, because I will reveal and share, with a full heart and a huge desire to serve, everything I have seen, learned, tested and truly know works. I am transparent and will tell it like it is, without reservation.

More importantly, I will give you what you need to know in these classes. Of course, I will invite you to do more with me and my awesome community of like-minded, like-hearted business owners. You will not have to wait to go create what you want, because I will hold nothing back.

I will guide you with my values of authenticity, service, professionalism, grace, quick action WHILE delivering extreme value. That is what you will experience in these classes. It will be different than many business programs you have experienced, because the program is designed to support you to see the possibilities for yourself, to facilitate you taking immediate action on the areas that are right for you and your business. I will hold a bigger vision for you than you hold for yourself. 

Join the Booming Business with Ease 4 week Course and allow me to be your guide.

I am grateful to have found Laurie Zerga to be my business coach. I started working with Laurie when I had an idea for a business that I wanted to get off the ground. Besides providing me with the nuts and bolts of starting a business, she helped me dig deep to find out if my business idea was really the right one for me on many levels. What she shared of her own experience in business was invaluable to me. She was professional, insightful, compassionate, and patient as she skillfully led and supported me through my own discovery process. Also, Laurie was very generous with her time and went the extra mile to make sure I was getting everything out of our coaching relationship that I wanted. If you are looking for a business expert who will be by your side as you work toward achieving your dream business, I highly recommend Laurie.

Betsy Aaron

Actress, Consultant, Writer & Editor

I hired Laurie Zerga last month to help me streamline my business. I’m excited how we are advancing in the process. We started with many little things and they’re making a difference in the business. We are focusing to make the business more efficient and productive. After just our first few calls we’re already having more customers and our gross income has increased 25% since last year same month.

Nohemy Deras

Business Owner

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Here are ten criteria that will determine if the 

Booming Business with Ease Course 

is the next step for you. 


During these incredible classes, you will:

  • Learn the four areas to uncover increased cash flow in your business with ease. Start bringing more money in than you are spending.
  • Understand the simple strategy to effortlessly determine in one minute what action to generate long-term clients.
  • Discover the top collaboration keys to build a network of business partners to support and compliment your focus and who can quickly expand your reach.
  • Hear secrets on how to create simple processes to increase your time to do projects, strategy, and activities that are the highest and best use of your time.
  • Uncover the common mistakes you may be making that prevent you from gaining clients, and find out how to make an effective offer with ease.
  • Listen to the innovative system to package and price your product and services. This will support you in keeping your existing clients while you continue to add more and grow your revenue.
  • Embrace attracting the right clients every time.
  • Create your criteria and strategic questions to answer to make sure you get great results in your business your way.
  • Gain tested steps on what to do before, during and after you set your vision and goals to generate both now-money-now and more money later from your action.
  • Catapult your business with marketing and promotion that fits your business and personality and attracts your ideal clients. Plus, you will also receive templates and documents to support you for years to come.

I hired Laurie Zerga as my coach when I was in a transitional phase of life and career. Where before I was unsure of what I really wanted, Laurie helped me to search my Soul for what I was hiding for myself in terms of my true heart’s desires. I know myself much better now. On top of this Laurie offered expert advice in business strategies and personal challenges in caring for an elder parent. I especially loved Laurie’s commitment to honor our feminine strengths successfully in a business world crafted by masculine energy. I look forward to working with Laurie again to develop more of my own feminine power, strength, confidence, peace and joy. – Cheers!


Sonoma, CA

 My Personal Guarantee

I am so confident that you will be so glad you participated in the Booming Business with Ease Course that I guarantee you, that when you listen and take action, if you do not feel that you are gaining extreme value by end of first call, let my team know and we will gladly refund your fee and wish you well.

Why remain vulnerable to the possibility that you will catch a big break, when instead you can find out how to structure your business to grow it as you like with proven strategies?

Why work hard to live on what you are earning now, when you can take tested steps to accelerate your business growth?

Why continue to struggle on your own when you can learn the short cuts to monetizing your gifts like many of the happy women in our community?

If you are a successful, savvy, powerful woman and you like having fun while expanding your network,
then you want to be a YES to join the class.

This will be a positive turning point in your business.


Join the Booming Business with Ease Course.
Start today to increase your cash flow AND your clients to

Experience the Entrepreneurial Success You Truly Desire.

Plus Receive These Incredible Limited Time Bonuses!

Exclusive Access to the Facebook Group where I personally answer questions

Bonus 1 on 1 Call with Me to Explore Your Options for Success Moving Forward

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guarantee-silver60 Day Rock Solid Guarantee

No questions asked 60 day refund guaranteed.
If you are unhappy for any reason, we will refund your money.

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